Welcome to my page! My name is Adam Ćwik and I provide multidisciplinary approach to anyone interested in improving their health and performance. I offer manual therapy and functional neurology techniques to help eliminate pain, improve flexibility, balance, posture and coordination. Treatment is always tailored to suit individual needs and can include: AMN calibrate system, Viofor-Therapy, Structural Bodywork, Neuromuscular Physical Therapy.                                             i


Viofor-therapy – an innovative therapeutic method that uses electromagnetic energy to restore and sustain body natural state of balance; homeostasis. Its high therapeutic efficacy is based on principle that the natural energy forces within the body are bio-electric and play pivotal role in maintenance of normal health and wellbeing. This in turn has led to development of Viofor method that uses specifically modified EMF, channelled to assist in healing and restoration to health.

Tai Chi Training

Tai Chi is a Chinese internal martial art recognized for its health benefits and ability to harmonize mind and body. This gentle practice is suitable for all levels of fitness and different age groups.  I’ve studied under direct guidance of Shifu Niall O’Floinn and Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun since 2005. I also facilitate courses that are more suitable for corporate or institutional needs. Currently I teach in Kilkenny, Athenry and Craughwell. Find out more about Tai Chi on webpage below.