Welcome to the World of Chen Style Tai Chi

If you would like to embrace the journey of learning Tai Chi, weather to improve your health or discover the full essence of the art, I invite you to join us in one of our location across Ireland. We organize classes, talks/demos to help popularize the practice of Tai Chi among the public and also teach classes adapted for corporate needs, charities and health organizations.

The Essence and Legacy

Chen style Tai Chi, the original form of Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), is a profound martial art embodying the principles of yin and yang, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. Its development can be traced back to the Chen Village (Chenjiagou) in Henan Province, China, during the late Ming Dynasty, around the 17th century. Created by Chen Wangting, a retired general of the Ming Dynasty, Chen style Tai Chi seamlessly blends martial arts techniques with Daoist philosophical concepts and traditional Chinese medicine principles, offering a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness and self-defense.

Historical Trails and our Lineage

Through generations, the Chen family meticulously preserved and enriched their Tai Chi tradition, establishing a lineage that has contributed massively to the art’s development and propagation. A pivotal figure in spreading Chen style Tai Chi is Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei, a 19th-generation descendant of the Chen family. Recognized as one of the “Four Buddha Warrior Attendants,” the highest honors in the Chen village, Chen Zheng Lei has dedicated his life to teaching and promoting Chen style Tai Chi worldwide. His skill, deep understanding of Tai Chi principles, and commitment to teaching have made him a revered figure in the Tai Chi community. Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun has practiced Chen style Tai Chi with Chen Zheng Lei since the age of 14 as a firs indoor student in modern times. He is an official lineage holder of Chen Style Taiji (12th generation Chen Taiji).

Chen Tai Chi Ireland – head coach – Shifu Niall O’Floinn studied with Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun since 2001

As a contemporary master, Wang Hai Jun plays a crucial role in the lineage of Chen style Tai Chi,
perpetuating its rich traditions while adapting its teachings for new generations of practitioners around the globe. Now residing in Manchester- UK, through multiple workshops a year in Ireland, publications, and direct instruction, he offers a gateway to exploring the depths of this art form, ensuring its relevance and vitality for years to come.

Health Benefits: A Research-Based Overview

The practice of Tai Chi, particularly Chen style, offers numerous health benefits that have been supported by research over the years. A harmonious blend of slow, deliberate movements, deep breathing, and meditation, Tai Chi is known to have positive effect in many health conditions making it one of the most researched activities, the benefits include :

– Improve Physical Health: Studies have demonstrated that regular Tai Chi practice can enhance balance, agility, and strength, significantly reducing the risk of falls in older adults. It also promotes cardiovascular health by improving blood pressure levels and overall heart function.
– Enhance Mental Well-being: Tai Chi’s meditative movements help to alleviate stress and anxiety, fostering a state of mental calm and clarity. Research has shown that it can improve mood and decrease the incidence of depression and anxiety.
– Boost Immune Function: Engaging in Tai Chi can bolster the immune system’s response to inflammation and infections, a benefit that is increasingly valuable in a world grappling with chronic health issues.
– Support Joint Health: Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise, making it accessible for people of all ages, including those with arthritis or recovering from injuries. It aids in improving flexibility and reducing pain associated with joint problems.

The Power of Movement and Stillness

Join us in the journey of self-discovery, wellness, and martial artistry through the practice of Chen style Tai Chi. Whether you are seeking to enhance your physical health, mental peace, or spiritual balance, the teachings of Chen style Tai Chi offer a path to achieving harmony and well-being in all aspects of life.