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Integrative approach to health, musculo-skeletal pain and injury

Physical Therapy

NeuroTao provides multidisciplinary approach to anyone interested in improving their health and performance.  I utilize a mix of manual and brain-based therapy techniques as well as movement strategies to help eliminate pain, improve range of motion, balance, posture and coordination. Treatment is always tailored to suit individual needs and can include: AMN calibrate system, Viofor-Therapy, Structural Bodywork, Neuromuscular Physical Therapy.                                             i


Introducing Viofor-therapy – an innovative therapeutic method that uses electromagnetic energy to restore and sustain body natural state of balance; homeostasis. Known for its high therapeutic efficacy, Viofor-therapy has been used across Europe by medical centers, sports professionals and sports academies as well as private customers. Now available at NeuroTao, you can avail of its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects in our center or convenience of your home.

Tai Chi Training

Tai Chi is a Chinese internal martial art recognized for its health benefits and ability to harmonize mind and body. This gentle practice is suitable for all levels of fitness with special attention paid to achieve deep relaxation response from the training. I’ve studied under direct guidance of Shifu Niall O Floinn and Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun since 2005.  Now I can help others on their journey to learn Chen family Taijiquan or facilitate courses that are more suitable for corporate or institutional needs. Currently I teach in Kilkenny and Tuam. 

Many years of restless nights and lack of deep sleep was starting to have a big effect on my work and life in general. I was tired of being tired. I heard about Adam’s alternative approach to insomnia and decided to give it a go. After spending some time with Adam, he was able to “reset” my body clock and I started feeling the effects right away.Now I wake from a deep sleep feeling rested and relaxed. I was actually late for work, I slept in!!

Eamonn V. Killeen

I’m feeling a lot better, pain in my hip and thigh went into my groin and down my leg last week but am delighted to tell you it’s 99% gone since Monday, its brilliant to be pain free again. I am sleeping a lot better and have more energy. In general I feel good and am so thankful and grateful  to you. Thanks again!

Martina Cunningham

Following a leg an ankle break that required plates and pins in March a friend recommended that I should contact the NeuroTao. After a consultation with Adam who explained the benefits of the viofor system in relieving pain and supporting the healing process I opted for a series of treatments. The sessions were arranged at my convenience and were non invasive and user friendly. Throughout the treatment I was made to feel comfortable and was only conscious of a slight tingling in my lower leg. The science seemed simple enough and I could understand how electromagnetic pulses could stimulate
circulation and regeneration. For work reasons I was anxious to accelerate the natural healing process and found that regular treatments with the Viofor system in conjunction with normal physiotherapy improved my rehabilitation. These improvements were most
obvious after the plaster cast was removed. I would have no hesitation in recommending the system, its stress free, painless and effective

Billy Quinn
In the last month, when I have used Viofortherapy most days, it has helped with the following:
–          Pain from my jawbone infection
–          Sleep – much improved
–          Stress coping mechanisms
–          Pain from Fibromyalgia
–          Back pain
Many Thanks
Liz Hutson

I’ve broke my toe last year November after 2 months I was still limping and the toe was still sore.When I went back to the ortopedist and had another x-ray that showed the toe wasn’t fully grown back toghater the doctor recommend me to have 3sesions of each: physiotherapy,cryotherapy and electromagnetic energy Viofor-teraphy which is now available at NeuroTao .I decided just to have the last one Viofor-teraphy cause I knew Adam form my work and he had this great service that I could rent the equipment from him and have it in my home .That was gr8 cause I could use it whenever I wanted and whenever had some time in my own house which was very convinient. Equipment was home delivered by Adam then he explained and showed me everything how to use it correctly. So after 2 weeks, 2 sessions a day my toe was cured!!!So I could finally go back to my normal activities like zumba and pilates with pain free toe!!I would recommend Adam and his treatment to everyone !!!!His doing wonderful job!!!!

Dorota Mikos

As a registered member of Association of Neuromuscular Physical Therapists (06555) treatments are partially refundable by major Irish insurance companies.

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New beginners classes in Tuam

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be starting new Tai Chi beginners classes in Tuam. There will be free talk and demo on Thursday, 14th September at 6.30 pm in The Family Centre, SVP House, Dublin Rd, Tuam. Hope to see you there. To learn more about Tai Chi visit

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